Intervju med Gee

20 augusti 2009
Intervju med Gee

Som ni alla vet älskar vi streetwear och allt som har med det att göra. En av de skönaste butikerna för sneakers och streetwear i Europa är Patta. Så det kom sig helt naturligt att vi satte oss ner för en intervju med Gee som är en av medlemmarna i Patta gänget. I intervjun snackade vi om favoritsneakers, sköna butiker och lite tips på sköna sneakers som just du borde ha i din samling. Kolla in intervjun genom att fortsätta läsa.

Hey, how are you?
I’m good, hard workin, no complaints.

Tell our readers in sweden that don’t know who you are something about yourself that most people don’t know
My name is Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt one of the O.G members of Team Patta

When did you first start collecting kicks? and which pair was your first?
I have never collected sneakers but have been buying sneakers for a long time. The fetish started when i started playing basketball around age 1. My first pair was a pair of Air trainers cause they looked good and they were affordable for me in that time.

Favourite shoe of all time? And why?
Hard to say… Air Max 1, Air Span 2, The first 6 Jordans, Flight series, Chuck Taylors…as you see no 1 favorite

Intervju med Gee

One of our favorite sneakers are the Am 90 amsterdams, how do you feel about the air max series?
To be correct there are Air Max 1 Amsterdam’s designed by Parra and The Air Max 90 Homegrowns designed by us and people from the Dutch hiphop label Top-notch, both the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 90 are great timeless silhouettes. Im slightly more in favor with the Air Max 1 but thats a taste thing.

Dating back to 1987 when the air max 1 released counting up to today, countles modells have been dropped. How many air max sneakers do you own?
I had alot it lately got a little out of control so i gave em all away…i have like 5 left…

We know this will be hard, but out of all thoose, which are your top three.
Parra Air Max 1 Amsterdam and Albert Heijn are number 1
The Air Max 1 og red colour 2
The Air Max 1 curry is number 3

En av Gee’s favoriter – Air Max 1 OG Red

Can you give Sweden’s’ young sneakerheads five must have kicks in the Air Max series.
Thats for everybody to decide for themselves but : AIR MAX 1, AIR MAX 90, AIR MAX BW, AIR MAX 95 and 97 all the first colourways straight classics…

We love what Nike have done with the new air maxim’s staying true to their roots but updating the Air Max 1 with new technology. How do you feel about the Maxims?
Maxims are the new classics, they twisted and revolutionized a straight classic, with an eye on innovation which captures basically everything we like about Nike.

Intervju med Gee

Which store is your favourite streetwear store of all time besides Patta ofcourse.
Guess i would have to say Hide Out….just because they have been on top of their game for such along time…

You’re a man of many trades, do you have any new projects going on that we should look out for?
Working on a new shop more focused on clothing innovation but also a lot of the things which spark my interest, from books to music etc other than that just building on world domination.

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